BasedSwap: Speedy Cross-Chain Connection for Solana, BASE, and EVM Chains in DeFi World

Out of nowhere, it appeared. BasedSwap, stealth launched with a big bang. The top product for Base Chain, ensuring quick swaps on Base and offering ultra-fast bridging from Solana to EVM chains and from EVM to EVMs.


BasedSwap’s token, $BSW, really took off by reaching a $1.5 million market value in just the first day. With its impressive successes, BasedSwap has grabbed the attention of both investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It’s known for being one of the quickest and most affordable swap and bridge options available, plus it offers some new features that the DeFi world hasn’t seen before.

BasedSwap lets users connect two wallets at the same time – a Solana wallet and an EVM wallet (for example, Metamask). This way, users can easily move their money from their Solana wallet to their Metamask wallet without getting mixed up. By linking both wallets together, BasedSwap helps make sure the money goes from the right place to the right place, which helps avoid mistakes like putting in the wrong wallet address.

Certainly, users can also bridge from one EVM network (such as Base) to another EVM network (like BNB) just like with any other bridge. In this case, only the EVM wallet (such as Metamask or Trustwallet) needs to be connected.

Additionally, route insurance is offered, ensuring that in the event of an unforeseen issue during the bridging process, users’ funds are safely returned to their originating wallet.

All of this is combined with the fastest and cheapest transfer process available. Both the swap and the bridge only take a few seconds to move your funds to your chosen wallet. While others may take up to 10 minutes, BasedSwap ensures that your transaction is completed long before then.

If you’re curious about fees, BasedSwap charges 0.2% for swaps on Base and 2% for the bridge. But here’s the awesome part: it rewards its holders with a share of 1.5% from all the fees collected through its rev share program.

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