Centauri Finance’s layout leads the era of DEFI3.0, CFH and financial management go both ways, creating the next block miracle

Canada, 27th Sep 2023, King NewsWireIn the era of digital economy, the international economic and financial landscape is ushering in new changes. Among the new blockchain products, the fastest growing is a type of application called DeFi. The so-called DeFi is the abbreviation of “decentralized finance”. DeFi draws inspiration from blockchain, the technology behind the digital currency Bitcoin, which allows multiple entities to hold copies of transaction history, meaning it is not controlled by a single central source, which exactly illustrates the DEFI game. The potential for Tao is huge.

Ethereum upgrade, the prologue of DeFi 3.0

Ethereum is one of the main infrastructures in the DeFi ecosystem. According to incomplete statistics, about 60% of DeFi’s total locked value (TVL) is built on Ethereum. Ethereum is also the birthplace of DeFi innovation, and many DeFi innovations originate from the Ethereum ecosystem. However, in the early stages of Ethereum’s development, slow transaction speeds and high transaction fees limited the development of DeFi. This problem is even more obvious during the rapid development stage of DeFi. In order to continuously optimize and improve Ethereum, similar to the upgrade of the mobile phone system we use, the upgrade of Ethereum becomes necessary. These upgrades, including Shapella upgrades, will continue to promote the development of DeFi and usher in the DeFi 3.0 era.


Introduction to Centauri Finance

Centauri Finance is headquartered in Canada and has obtained an operating license under MSB supervision. It is an encrypted digital bank that operates globally and is a transparent cryptocurrency investment platform on DeFi 3.0. Its business includes encrypted banking services, encrypted trust funds, global encrypted payments, Privacy wallet, private social, decentralized exchange and other sectors. The mission is to help cryptocurrency investors invest with confidence and allow professional traders to get more from their investing skills by creating and managing their own funds. The vision is to build a decentralized Swiss bank. Through the Cwallet developed based on zk-SNARK privacy technology, asset privacy and anonymous transactions can be achieved, and on-chain transaction records can be erased. It is the advantage of a decentralized wallet and a centralized exchange.


Centauri Finance DeFi 3.0

It is another layer of innovation based on DeFi 2.0. Centauri Finance DeFi 3.0 focuses on the concept of “finance as a service” and achieves more inclusive and convenient financial services by deeply integrating financial services with applications. Currently, Centauri Finance DeFi is working hard to solve two problems: First, the issue of sustainable returns. DeFi 2.0 independently controls liquidity through the protocol, ensuring the stability of liquidity, but it also brings about the problem of sustainable income; the second is the problem of cumbersome operations and high gas fees. With the development of DeFi 2.0, the entire DeFi ecosystem has become extremely complex. Investors need to pay close attention to industry trends and frequently transfer funds between various public chains in order to obtain the best returns. For newbies who are new to DeFi, these tedious operations and increasing gas fees may deter them. Centauri Finance DeFi 3.0 can solve these problems, making transactions faster and lower transaction costs.

In the DEFI track in the Web3.0 era, Centauri Finance has made a new move to create the DEFI3.0 track ecological token CFH to realize an ecosystem where everything is interconnected.

We are entering a new era of encryption – DEFI3.0. In this ecosystem, CFH, as an ecological token, will develop the AI metaverse ecosystem, allowing all investors to imagine profits in the virtual world built by CFH, and at the same time build their own The NFT world, combined with comprehensive and multi-level private equity investment management capabilities, improving the risk control system, high-quality channel resources, and integrating global giant partners, will enable the entire Internet economy to fully cover platform owners, platform participants, Third-party developers, namely Common Wealth.

In the future, CFH will join forces with major overseas well-known institutions and hundreds of overseas media partners to provide a strong brand promotion effect for the spiral price increase of CFH, allowing more blockchain enthusiasts to know, understand and participate in CFH. Together we build the birth of a new block miracle.

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