WorldBrain, the AI Rising Star Supported by the DePIN Technology, Secures Another Investment from Goldman Sachs

United States, 8th Feb 2024, King NewsWire – Introduction: In the competitive landscape of AI-era products, the crucial support lies in resources such as computing power and data, especially from a stable resource perspective. With the evolution of blockchain technology, the concept of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) has emerged. It utilizes tokens to incentivize the market and the construction of an interconnected real-world physical infrastructure.

DePIN presents the possibility of globally unified infrastructure development and networking, unprecedented yet highly anticipated. Addressing the dispersed and inefficient nature of physical infrastructure in the real world, DePIN, through decentralization, can reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and ensure the security and transparency of personal data.

Standing out in this landscape, the WorldBrain project has become an AI trailblazer under the DePIN network. WorldBrain adopts the “World Model,” simulating brain modeling in a large-scale intelligent neural network system. Leveraging distributed computing technology and the DePIN network, WorldBrain allows individuals and physical devices worldwide to freely connect to its decentralized network, putting data control in their hands and safeguarding the privacy and security of their data. Recently, WorldBrain has once again secured investment from the financial giant Goldman Sachs, which not only signifies recognition of its technology and team, but also marks the crucial position of the DePIN technology in the future development of networks.


WorldBrain is a large-scale intelligent neural network system that models the human brain. It is based on the “World Model,” combining artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and blockchain technology through Web3 to develop a comprehensive, decentralized AI system. The DePIN network utilizes blockchain to coordinate and adjust the deployment and operation of millions of trustless, permissionless, and programmatic infrastructures, laying a solid foundation for WorldBrain’s hardware deployment.

The founding team comprises experts from various fields, including blockchain technology, AI research, network security, and seasoned software engineers. This diverse team structure provides a robust technical foundation and rich industry experience for the development of the WorldBrain project. The shared vision of the team members is to create an operating system for all future AGI terminals, allowing everyone to interact in a trusting, open, and transparent environment, shaping a universally prosperous AI ecosystem.

DePIN, by its nature, has deeper associations with hardware devices and traditional enterprises, providing a natural advantage in attracting external AI teams and related funding. Goldman Sachs’ investment not only provides formidable financial support to WorldBrain but also paves the way for its promotion and application on a global scale, reflecting optimism towards the DePIN concept and the fusion of blockchain and AI technology. This investment will not only accelerate the technical development and market expansion of the WorldBrain project but also heralds the potential impact of the DePIN concept in the future digital world.

Development Philosophy of DePIN:

The DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) concept is an innovative consideration of the production relationships between humans and devices in the digital era. The goal of DePIN is to integrate and activate decentralized physical resources, such as small mobile devices and computing power, to build a vast infrastructure network, theoretically capable of activating almost all idle hardware resources.

Guided by this philosophy, the WorldBrain project has taken a series of innovative technological measures to achieve the core goals of DePIN. Firstly, WorldBrain uses the WBC token to drive the entry of global computing power (Computing Power Centers & Idle Personal Computing Power). This reduces the centralization risk of computing power while lowering the team’s costs in invoking computing power.

Secondly, WorldBrain introduces the DePIN concept, a diverse and large-scale ecosystem of IP, to assist the WorldBrain WorldModel in achieving diversity and objectivity in data acquisition channels. A sufficient number of data providers also ensure the improvement of the WorldBrain WorldModel’s performance.

The development philosophy of DePIN also includes building a healthy, active ecosystem. The WorldBrain project not only focuses on technical development but is also dedicated to establishing an inclusive, open community. Through close collaboration with developers, users, and other stakeholders, WorldBrain promotes widespread awareness and acceptance of the DePIN concept, facilitating rapid iteration of technology and applications.

The DePIN concept holds significant meaning and advantages in the current network environment. DePIN inherently possesses the devices (computing power, bandwidth, algorithms, data), users (model training data providers), and incentive mechanisms (token economics) that AI urgently needs. By providing a decentralized physical infrastructure network, DePIN offers a new perspective and approach to addressing the challenge. With an increasing number of projects and technologies adopting the DePIN concept, we have reason to believe that the future network environment will be more secure, fair, and transparent.

 Advantages of the WorldBrain Project

WorldBrain’s significant advantages in the field of DePIN are its continuous focus and optimization of technological innovation, user experience, data security, and privacy protection. These advantages not only showcase WorldBrain’s in-depth understanding and practical implementation of the DePIN but also serve as key factors that attract the attention of investors like Goldman Sachs.

Technological Innovation:

  • WorldBrain adopts cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and encryption, to build a large-scale intelligent neural network system. By leveraging the immutable and distributed characteristics of blockchain, WorldBrain provides users with a comprehensive, decentralized AI system. Simultaneously, the integration of artificial intelligence technology optimizes data processing and analytical capabilities, enabling personalized services based on users’ specific needs. The fusion of these technologies enhances system performance and efficiency, contributing to a universally prosperous AI ecosystem.

Optimization of User Experience:

  • WorldBrain is committed to providing users with a simple, intuitive, and efficient experience. The WorldBrain App features a user-friendly interface with simplified operational processes, making it easy for even non-tech-savvy users to navigate. Additionally, WorldBrain Chat offers multifunctional and valuable resources for anyone needing effective and efficient communication, including information provision, text generation, language translation, personalized assistance, enhanced accessibility, and data analysis capabilities. Through these designs and services, WorldBrain significantly lowers the barriers for users to adopt decentralized technology and enjoy the convenience brought by the inclusive benefits of DePIN.

Data Security and Privacy Protection Measures:

  • In terms of data security and privacy protection, WorldBrain implements strict technical measures. The project uses encryption technology to ensure the security of data during transmission and storage, preventing unauthorized access or leakage and ensuring users have complete control over their data. These measures reflect WorldBrain’s high regard for user privacy protection, establishing trust and a sense of security for users.

Building Community and Ecosystem:

  • WorldBrain is not just a technical project but also a platform dedicated to establishing a healthy, active community. The project encourages the participation and contributions of developers, users, and other stakeholders. Through open collaboration, technical exchange, and partnership relationships, WorldBrain collectively drives the development of the DePIN technology. This open and inclusive attitude contributes to the accelerated growth of the WorldBrain ecosystem, attracting more users and developers, forming a virtuous development cycle.

These advantages of the WorldBrain project not only demonstrate its leading position in technology and the market but also provide valuable experience and references for the future development of the DePIN network. Through continuous innovation and improvement, WorldBrain is becoming a crucial force in propelling artificial intelligence towards a safer, fairer, and more efficient direction.

Goldman Sachs’ investment in WorldBrain signifies optimism regarding the role of the DePIN concept in the future digital economy. This investment sends a signal to the market that traditional financial institutions are beginning to seriously consider the role of blockchain technology in the future economy and are willing to invest in innovative projects in this field. This shift in attitude suggests that more funds and resources may flow into the research and development of DePIN and related technologies, accelerating the maturity and development of this field.

Through this investment, Goldman Sachs not only provides necessary financial support but, more importantly, represents recognition of WorldBrain’s technology and business model. This support will help WorldBrain accelerate product development and market expansion while bringing more cooperation opportunities and industry attention to the project. More collective efforts with WorldBrain aim to usher in a more secure, fairer era of the digital information age.


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