LuckyDodo’s Grand Hit: Entertaining 19 Million Users and Empowering Fortune 500 with Data Analytics

LuckyDodo is a multipurpose platform that serves the purpose of providing its user base with exciting prizes every week and helping businesses get their hands on genuine consumer data.

San Francisco, California, 23rd January 2024, ZEX PR WIRELuckyDodo, a platform focused on online entertainment and data analytics, is acting as a gateway for users, where winning big prizes every week is an everyday affair. Mary Queenie and Stephane Adam, two siblings, founded the platform, which has its headquarters in the DIFC Innovation Hub in Dubai and has already attracted a whopping 19 million users. LuckyDodo rewards its users with prizes as huge as luxury vacations and the latest smartphones on a weekly basis. 

LuckyDodo Traction: December’23 – 17 January’24

LuckyDodo is more than just an entertainment platform. It provides useful data to businesses about consumer trends and preferences, all while simultaneously offering an excellent user experience. LuckyDodo acts as a treasure box for users who participate on the platform – it provides gifts like a year’s supply of your favorite products or a vacation in your dream destination. The process of participating is as simple as it can be; sign up for a free account and select the prizes that intrigue you. Next, hit “participate” to become one of LuckyDodo’s potential winners. The users wait for an entire week to find out the winner of the week. 

To take users to new heights of excitement and entertainment, LuckyDodo collaborates with brands that the users are fond of. Their wide range of prizes includes treats from users’ favorite coffee shops and trendy fashion accessories. LuckyDodo makes sure that the rewards hold personal significance as well. The goal of the platform is to forge a special bond between the users and their favorite brands that makes them happy.

LuckyDodo has a strong influence on the world of business intelligence as well. The platform has a unique way of operating, and that has attracted attention from angel investors and family offices, leading to an impressive $1 million in pre-seed funding. This is a major step forward for Lucydodo’s growth in the Middle East and African regions. 

After taking a close look at LuckyDodo’s stats, it was revealed that LuckyDodo secured the top position when compared against leading websites in Mauritius, Kenya, and Dubai in terms of performance. The platform ranked the highest in Mauritius, beating its competitors, Defi and Lexpress. Furthermore, it left Khaleej Times behind in Dubai, which displays the success of the platform. The top countries that Luckydodo gathers traffic from are Nigeria, Kenya, and the United Arab Emirates.

LuckyDodo Rankings

LuckyDodo also incorporates a BI platform called “Trends by LuckyDodo.” This platform emphasizes the significant business intelligence derived from LuckyDodo’s vast user base. Trends by LuckyDodo brought together investors, brands, entrepreneurs, and startup ecosystem stakeholders that shed light on LuckyDodo’s dedication to blending entertainment with valuable business insights.  

About LuckyDodo:

LuckyDodo is an online platform founded by two siblings, Mary Queenie and Stephane Adam. This platform blends entertainment and business intelligence, which places it among the top entertainment websites in various countries. It has a vast user base of 19M users, mainly from the UAE, Africa, and Kenya. LuckyDodo has garnered the majority of attention for its weekly incredible rewards for users who participate on the platform while providing data to businesses about consumer’s interests and trends.

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