Introducing Hypelist – The Home to Curate, Share, and Connect Through Recommendations

New York, 21st January 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, After the impressive success of his debut mobile platform Unfold, businessman and innovator Alfonso Cobo is on his way to do it again with his next big project – Hypelist. This social media platform/app, set to be officially launched this month, will be a place where all people can share their passions, obsessions and recommendations, free of filters and most importantly free of promotional content.

At first, the app will be invite-only, in order to build its community and ensure content quality. Several well-known celebrities, distinct creators and influencers are already members of the community at this stage, and any user can send a request to join. The requests will be personally reviewed by the Hypelist team. Continuing on, the app will be open to all.

“I think I can truly define Hypelist as an anti-gatekeeper app, in the sense that it encourages people to share what they are passionate about and what they love,” said Cobo. “With Hypelist, anyone can share their recommendations on any topic they deem worthy – favorite books, movies, restaurants, summer getaways – you name it. You can also find out what’s trending among the people you follow on social media, all in one platform and all with no unnecessary distractions.

Simplicity done right

It is no surprise that social media today has become a ‘worthy opponent’ to the good old Google search. Today’s internet savvy ‘Gen Z’ers are showing discontent with all of the fake and promotional material they find online, and they see social media platforms as the place to get authentic information from the people they value and admire. Having said that, it is strange that no platform out there presents a smart and simple interface for recommendations yet, and that’s where Hypelist comes into the picture.

“Hypelist gives you all the information you are looking for in one place,” added Cobo. “No more wobbling around between different platforms to get inspired and informed. Hypelist is more than just an app, it’s a community where you can get everything you want and need to know, about and from the people who matter to you the most”.

However, the real cherry on top is the unprecedented ability to personalize the content that users view on Hypelist. You have the complete freedom to choose who you follow and whose recommendations you see on your screen. More than that, you can also choose to collaborate with the people whose thoughts you value and appreciate, to create recommendations and lists together. All of this is created and displayed in a promotional-content free environment.

“The main driving force behind Hypelist is to create a social media network that is truly that – media for the society. Not entertainment, not advertisement, not filtered and fake portrayal of reality. Just a place where people can communicate and learn from each other. That’s what we’re going for here,” summed up Cobo.

Alfonso Cobo and Hypelist

Born in Spain and currently residing in New York City, Alfonso Cobo is best known for founding the successful social media content creation app Unfold, acquired in 2019 by Squarespace. Thanks to the success of Unfold, Cobo and his founding partner were named among Forbes Magazine’s list of ‘30 under 30’ in 2019. Cobo holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Design and Management from the prestigious Parsons School of Design, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Brighton in the UK.

Hypelist is set to be launched in the next few weeks officially, with a version for iOS devices at first and an Android version to follow in the following weeks. Aside from the free version of the app, Hypelist will also offer premium features such as list customizations, private lists, AI installments and more. In the future, users will also be able to share their Hypelist content on other social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

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