How Beta-Tech Successfully Challenged the Status Quo

MALMO, SWEDEN / ZEX PR WIRE / January 12, 2024 / Swedish-based Artificial Intelligence powered trading start-up Beta-Tech ( has announced the successful closure of its first round of partnership involvement.

After a year of rapid and sustained growth, in a year marked by the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the mainstream and public consciousness, Beta-Tech find themselves perfectly poised to accelerate expansion into European markets, grow their team, enhance their account offerings and continue to strengthen and reinforce their core mission of creating a new status quo and to democratise finance and offer their clients unique and unlimited opportunities.

What Is AI Trading?

AI-trading refers to the use of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning to analyse historical market data, get investment ideas, use sentiment analysis to gather information from news outlets and social media to determine market swings, monitor legislative changes and draw on hundreds of real-time data points to drive dramatic improvements in data accuracy and access, team efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence can be used to help choose stocks, make predictions on market movement, optimize portfolios, manage risk, obtain personalized investment advice, manage trade entry and exit strategies, and automatically build a customized portfolio that meets specific investor criteria like risk tolerances.

While humans remain a big part of the trading equation, AI plays an increasingly significant role. Algorithmic trading accounts for around 60 to 73 percent of U.S. equity trading, according to Wall Street data highlighted in one report.

About Beta-Tech

Beta-Tech’s platform has become a crucial solution for those looking for an alternative investment solution and for those looking to exploit the decay of traditional finance and trading. Leveraging proprietary algorithms powered by AI that support and enhance their brokers ability to make critical decisions with confidence and speed and minus human emotions, enabling a huge increase in performance and outcomes.

By combining industry expertise with the most sophisticated data capture technologies, Beta-Tech’s technology automates the manual workflow and decisions related to portfolio optimization to empower them to deliver above and beyond expectations.

2024 – Going for the Great

Beta-Tech’s platform is unique in its approach to trading and portfolio management, and has been enthusiastically embraced by clients searching for a new investment avenue, as emphasised by closing successfully our first round of partnership involvement.

Their performance has successfully exceeded expectations and confirms the enormous value that AI innovation brings and its capability to disrupt even the most entrenched traditional markets.

Their approach to client satisfaction and indeed their business plan as a whole is unique in its offering NO transaction fees, NO account fees, NO commissions. NO purchase or redemption fees – A simple performance fee on any profits generated – that’s it.

As Beta-Tech move from their first round of partnership involvement and into the second round, this initial performance fee is increased, benefiting early partners but providing security and confidence to the next round of partners, who can be confident of their expected results based on the performance and results delivered in the previous round(s).

As AI enabled technology is growing across all verticals and markets, with almost all of it to the exclusive benefit of seed investors. Beta-Tech is not only making their high performing algorithms available to prospective clients; they’re offering them on an initial trial basis. In the interests of long-term partnerships and following their mantras of re-defining the status quo, of being bold, of giving up the good to go for the great and of walking their own path as leader in the new and exciting AI space.

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